Top 5 Tips for Fool-Proof Event Scanning

You’re managing the ultimate event. Everything needs to run smoothly. Everything needs to be organised. The pressure is on.

Your event requires scanning, be it for participant attendance control, multiple event organisation, checkpoint scan through or ticketing. How can you make sure of a successful event? Do you need event scanning training?

Here are Let’s Participate’s top 5 tips on managing scanning at your event.

  • Practice Beforehand

If your event is going to require scanning management, with or without NFC, it’s important that everyone in charge of scanning, as well as the management team are prepared for the big event. Make sure each user is comfortable with the process. Although this may require user testing time prior to your event, it will help things run smoothly when it’s important. Any issues can be ironed out in advance, enabling you to relax on the day.

  • Smile & Scan

Ensure your scanning staff are welcoming and friendly. A smile goes a long way. If your guests or participants feel unsure about where they are meant to be checking in or whether they have the correct documents, they are more likely to approach a smiling team member for help and assurance and feel part of the event straight away.

  • Ensure You Have Reliable Hardware

The last thing you need in the middle of scanning is for your technology to fail you. Ensure in advance you have devices that will serve you well. Make sure you have the ability to perform NFC tag scanning if that is a requirement for your event. At the very least ensure you have gadgets that are compatible with your platform and will hold their battery life for the duration of your event. A device with a larger screen would enhance the scanning experience and make life easier.

  • Choose Your Scanning Staff Wisely

This may sound obvious, but do your staff have a knack for working with technology? Do they know their way around a phone or tablet? Can they work at speed and get on with their job once they have been shown how to carry it out? If you have thought about this in advance, you can relax, knowing your attendees are in good hands and there are going to be as few glitches as possible.

  • Use a Good Platform

Make sure that you choose a reliable platform that can carry out the quantity and quality of scanning that your event requires. Ensure your chosen platform has excellent customer support so that your even runs without any hiccups on the day. Let’s Participate can help with this, our platform offers a user-friendly and professional interface with a powerful mobile scanning app. We offer real time customer support and are continually enhancing the platform.

Get in touch today to start your event management journey with Let’s Participate.


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