Event Management and Planning

No matter how well organized and professional your event is, there are always small details that can ruin participant’s experience. Here is a list of crucial details which can make a real difference in planning a successful event.

  1. Chose an event management platform – To run a successful event, planning is required. Choosing a reliable platform for running your event can be difficult. That’s where Let’s Participate comes in! Our event management software gives event managers access to a customisable signup page, ticketing system and event management tracking to make your event run smoothly and boost participation. Our system is reliable and easy to use with full tech support. We even allow you free use for up to 100 participants. Why not try today.


  1. Internet access –Guests find it an essential requirement to be able to update social media, check their notifications, email and schedule on the mobile devices or save their notes to the cloud service. Make sure that there is always some kind of access point available and easy to connect to. You may be surprised with the amount of venues that don’t have reliable and fast Internet connections. Be sure to check all the options (including the mobile hotspots) before signing on the dotted line. If you have your heart set on a particular venue but put off by their lack of Internet access, it’s not the end of the road, why not explore options like mobile hotspots. Let’s Participate’s event management software provides real time participant tracking and data when your participants check in using our mobile app. An internet connection is required to get full use of this feature.


  1. Giveaway an event schedule –It is good to remind all the guests of the main points of the event. Giving away a small program, which outlines the event plan including a space for notes, would be a nice touch and smart promotional boot. Let’s Participate sends out digital ticketing and event updates throughout the event sign up period. We can also send out text reminders to remind participants of the event details.


  1. Update Social Media to Inform – Keep your guests updated with what they can look forward to, what they should bring and how plans are going. They will feel involved throughout the process and have a constant reminder of the event.


Let’s Participate can help with many aspects of your event preparation. Give our expert team a call today and get your event up and running.

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