Optimise Your Event Page

So, you’ve created your new web page specifically for your upcoming event, you’ve shared the event on social media and you’ve advertised in the event area. Your preparations are all under way and everything is in control. What more can you do?

Although creating a specific event page is important, any webpage needs search engine optimising. Doing this will enable users to find your event more easily and discover precisely the information they’re looking for.

Let’s Participate provide a full event SEO service with our event management software. We can help build and market your company website and event page as well as providing an easy to use event management platform. Our internet marketing specialists provide a comprehensive service to boost event participation, increase brand awareness and improve your organic search rankings, with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising being available also.

To help you on your way, here are a few quick tips on how to optimise your event web page.

  • Use search friendly descriptions – Think about what you would search for, if you were looking for your event and use those phrases to form the description for your page and site. if your event description is long, break it up into little paragraphs, including searchable phrases in each.
  • Linking – When writing social blogs and other pages on your website, insert links in the text to your main event page. This will help search engines know that your post/site is relevant to your event.
  • Choose a relevant keyword for your page and focus on that keyword or phrase. The search engine will use this to relate to searches so make it relevant and broad enough to attract attention, but narrow enough to drive out irrelevant searches.

These are just a few starter points to consider when starting to optimise your event. For help with these steps and for full SEO services, contact Let’s Participate event management today.

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