Social Media Event Advertising & Promotion

Advertising your event is key to increasing the number of participants. There are many ways to promote your upcoming event, over recent years, the most successful event advertising channel has been social media.

With events being a social occasion, you should use social media to market it. Event information can be easily spread and shared within the community via social platforms. Let’s Participate wanted to share a few social media tricks to get your event advertising under way.

  • Choose a hashtag (e.g. #GBwalking) – Make your # short and snappy, something that’s easy for your participants to remember and type. Make it unique and use it in as many of your social posts as possible. Your participants can add the # to their pictures and posts to arouse the interest of their social media friends. The more you use the #, the more it will appear on social media.
  • Links in your social posts – Make sure that any links in your posts, go directly to your event page instead of your general web site. This will give your social followers specific information relating to the upcoming event, and may encourage them to register if your ‘call to action’ button is prominent on the linked page.
  • Target a specific audience – Use the targeting tools on social media to find people or organisations who will connect with your event. Make an event relevant to someone and they’re more likely to get involved. Follow the people or organisations and maybe even send them a friendly event-related post to catch their eye.
  • Tweet & post frequently – Non-sponsored posts can easily be missed amongst the clutter of a personal news feed. For your event to get noticed, you need to post frequently and early. here are a few things that you could post about in the run up to your event. Countdown – ‘x days until the event – register now’, Registration opening date, Early registration offers, Event location and time reminders, Run down of the event schedule, Thank any sponsors publicly, ‘We’re excited to see you at the event.’, Snippets – ‘what you can look forward to’, Thank followers for shares and likes, Thank those that have registered, ‘Registration closing in x days’.
  • Thank and share – In your thank you for registering e-mail, include links to your social profile and encourage them to share their registration with their friends.
  • Cross over streams – use different social platforms to promote your event, (thank users that like or register via facebook on twitter).
  • Sponsored social posts – Pay out a little of your advertising budget on social media boosted posts. This will help you engage with interested participants and narrow your event marketing to ones who are likely to register and sign up.

We hope these marketing tips get you on your way, but if you need a hand, Let’s Participate can help. We specialise in Social Media marketing, as well as SEO and would love to get your event flying through the social streams.

Contact Let’s Participate today for social media event marketing.

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