Our Top 5 Tips for Running a Successful Event in 2015

1. Catering – If you are planning to serve food, make sure to alter the menu depending on the time of the day, guest dietary requirements and the mood of your event. It is important to provide guests with the right amount of hot and cold drinks. Depending on the budget, it may be wise to add some small snacks to the traditional tea and coffee offering. It is a cost effective way to add to a positive experience and keep energy levels and morale flowing.

2. Internet access – Guests find it an essential requirement to be able to check their notifications, email and schedule on the mobile device, sign in to the event register or save their notes to the cloud service. Make sure that there is always some kind of internet access that is available and easy to connect to. Some venues don’t have a good, or in fact any internet services. Be sure to check all the options (including the mobile hotspots) before deciding on a venue.

3. Give your guests an order of events –  It helps if you can give your guests a programme that outlines the event plan including a space for notes. Delegates are able to take away the points that are most relevant to them.

4. Send Out Event reminders with specific location –  With everyone working on a tight schedule, be sure to send out reminder emails with key information and/or think about creating a facebook/google+ event and inviting the guests there. Quick entry links in Google / Outlook calendars might also be useful.

5. Use an Event Management App Let’s Participate offer simple-to-use, no experience necessary software that will help organize and register all of your event participants. The software is backed by a dedicated team that can support you with managing your event, every step of the way. The software is low cost and free for charities, creating an affordable solution to delegate organisation and tracking.

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