Android Permissions

Nobody likes an app which asks too much, which is why we limit our permissions to the bare minimum for the app to be functional. These are the permissions asked for by the ap, and the reason why we need them:


Coarse & Fine Location

We want to make sure that when you are scanning you are in the right area for the scan point. It’s not much use at a small venue, but great on a large outdoor event like a walking activity or trekking.

The Internet & Network State

Yes, we need internet. Like, “Welcome to the Future”.


Used for scanning cards. If you don’t have NFC on your phone we can use other methods to check in participants


Because it can get noisy when you’re at an event. Haptic feedback is useful.

Camera & Flashlight

Used for scanning barcodes and QR codes

GCM / Accounts

We use Google Cloud Messaging to send updates regarding the event and scanning position to your phone. This is a great Google service and lets us “ping” the app with event updates without having to know your Google account details.

Wake Lock

Sometimes the event administrator will need to update the App settings while the phone is idle.

Read/Write External Storage

All the scans are saved in a database file on the device. We use the external storage so we can export a copy.

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