Free WooCommerce Ticket Plugin. Free WordPress Ticket Platform.

Build a personalised checkout experience for your event and link directly to Let’s Participate.

WooCommerce Ready Event Management Platform

Sell tickets to your event through WordPress with WooCommerce and Let’s Participate will handle the rest.

This gives you complete control over the user experience and checkout while using all the benefits of Let’s Participate’s fully featured event management platform.

Sell Tickets on your Own Site

Complete control over your customers’ checkout experience. Use WooCommerce and WordPress to sell tickets and Let’s Participate will take care of the rest.

Simple Integration

Use the features baked in to WooCommerce to quickly and easily connect it to your Let’s Participate account. No complicated setup. No technical skills needed.

Full Attendance Data

Keep up to date with real time attendance data from all of your events as sales are made. Sell mixed carts with tickets and merchandise to maximize spend an revenue from your event

A Familiar Sales Experience

Let’s Participate uses WooCommerce’s built in features to allow you to sell your tickets through your WooCommerce shop, and for those tickets to be generated on our platform.

The experience to the customer is a familiar checkout on a platform used around the globe. In the background WooCommerce communicates with Let’s Participate to generate the tickets and manage the event.

All features of our Event Management Platform remain available, letting you generate tickets and scan participants at each event. Live dashboards and NFC scanning give you an instant overview of your event’s progression.