A Powerful yet Simple Web and Android App to Manage Your Event.

Android Event App

Manage your event and track your participants in real time with Lets Participate’s android app. Whether your event is large or small, our application provides an interactive hub for registering and keeping check of entrants.

Our NFC Event app is Free for smaller events such as school sports days and small scale charity events, and it also works with barcodes and QR codes for entry. If you are planning a larger event or your event has special requirements, our development team can create a customised integration to our event platform.

Download from Google Play Store now:


Event Management  Android App

The Let’s Participate Event Management App is the gatekeeper to your event.

After using our event management platform to register and your participants and send out enrolment documents, the app registers and tracks attendants, providing real-time data to manage your event.

Using barcodes, QR codes or NFC, quickly register arrivals and departures through doorways or across the event path.


NFC tags are cheap to buy and come in a variety of styles. From NFC stickers, to bands, tags and lanyards, use NFC tags to quickly scan attendees past checkpoints.

NFC Event Scanning App: Simply place the‘scanning phone over the NFC card or tag. Our Event Management App will give feedback to let you know that the participant has been registered through the door or past the checkpoint.


QR codes are easy to produce, quick to scan and are an easy way to monitor participants as they arrive at your event.

QR Scanning App: Simply scan the QR code with the camera and our Event Management App will give feedback to let you know that the participant has been registered through the door or past the checkpoint.

Smarter Scanning with Multiple Devices

Speed up doorway and checkpoint scanning with multiple devices. Connect more phones and move people quicker through your event.

Our device hub keeps you informed. See which phones are scanning, who is being scanned by each checkpoint and locate phones on a map.

Our device hub allows you to remain in control. Remotely reassign phones to new checkpoints and adjust settings to help your team members get the most from our Android event access app.

Event Companion App

Promote your event with a custom branded companion app.

Using our templates and a deep integration into our system, your custom event app will include live details from your registered event.

Your participants will be able to download the app directly from the Play store to stay up-to-date with news and important information, as well as to track their participation.

This app adds value to your event and is a great way to boost revenue by selling event sponsorship.