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Increase your direct ticket sales online by picking Let’s Participate Events Digital Marketing Agency as your Events Marketing Partner. Races, festivals, concerts, conferences, and more. Our team of skilled Internet Digital Marketing professionals will boost traffic and sales through your website, with a strong focus on ROI.

Event Direct Sale Marketing Agency

Connect with your potential customers through your website, social media and other digital properties. Our Events Digital Agency will work with your team to build an online marketing strategy. Working together on digital marketing and reporting, we maintain the focus on boosting your event’s participation and selling more tickets direct through your website.

We’ll work with your event team to identify your target market. Our strategies improve your media spend ROI and drive down the cost of making each ticket sale

A Focus on ROI And CPA

Our Digital Marketing services have a sharp focus on Positive Return on Investment for your Media spend and driving down the Cost Per Acquisition of each ticket sale. Tracking traffic to your site builds useful data to assess the profitability of your online marketing and focus your spend where it can have the best effect.

Regular feedback, actionable insights in reports and a genuine passion for marketing give you the support you need to promote your event online.

Social Media Marketing

Turn “followers” into “bookers” with a Social Media strategy. Harness the vast amount of data available on social to grow your audience.

We will help you connect with potential attendees and move them on to your site to purchase a ticket.

Email Marketing & Segmentation

Leverage your email lists to increase direct sales for your event. Segment and divide to give a custom message to each audience.

Our email strategies hone in on top converters and press all the right buttons to move this high-value audience to a sale.

Analyse & Act

Track your website traffic source, what media effort is driving sales and where your missed opportunities hide.

Our reports contain more than information, they contain actionable insights to drive your event Internet Marketing strategy.

Free Internet Marketing Report

Call us and let us know about your event, and we’ll let you know how we can help you promote it online with our Event Internet Marketing service.

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We can also prepare you a free Internet Marketing Report for your event website. Call us and we’d be happy to set it up.

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