Simple, Effective Exhibitian & Show Ticket & Event App. Digital Marketing for Events.

Create exhibitian signup pages or integrate your current show site’s cart with Let’s Participate to increase direct ticket sales and manage exhibitian attendance.

Sell, Sign-up & Scan Exhibition Delegates

Let’s Participate is a ticket and event management platform for exhibitions of any size. Our event management software automatically sends out registration documents or tickets to each delegate via e-mail. Exhibition organisers can register delegates at arrival via barcode or NFC tag.

Our event app is free to use, and we take 0% commission on ticket sales.

Ticket Sale Portal

Simple setup and branding to get your exhibition tickets out in your delegates’ hands.

Virtual Tickets & Mobile Scanner

Secure digital ticketing to reduce loss, theft & counterfeits.

Integrated Marketing Emails

Keep your exhibition delegates informed and engaged through integrated email system.

Monitor Attendance in Real Time

See accurate attendance data for every event in Real Time.

Integrate with Your Current Cart

Enrol delegates direct from your website and integrate our platform direct with your cart.

Event Internet Marketing

Boost traffic to your site and direct ticket sales with expert digital marketing.

Exhibition Delegate Enrolment

Boost your exhibition enrolments with a custom signup page. Choose your style, font, images and more.

Exit capure helps enage with your potential audience and built in support for cross-site Google Analytics helps you understand the source of your enrolments.

Let’s Participate event management platform supports multiple exhibitions, multiple events and multiple ticket types. Our event software allows you to set a target for the number of delegates you want to enrol and cap the amount of tickets available for each date so that you don’t over subscribe.

Let’s Participate gives you advanced tracking and scanning with simple to use NFC or Barcode scanning. Our Let’s Participate app can be controlled remotely to ensure accuracy and support scanners. The app provides real time event monitoring, allowing you to manage event participation and to check up on availability and event capacity.

Support and SLA

Let’s Participate software has full technical support to help you with your exhibition management, and any queries you may experience along the way.

Let’s Participate event management software enables you to concentrate on planning and running the exhibition, knowing that registration and attendee tracking is taken care of.

Join Let’s Participate today, and let us help your event be the best it can be. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today, our dedicated team will be happy to work with you and your business to provide branded sign up.